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Wicklow County Council Tidy Towns, Estates and Sustainable Development Awards.

Friday 17 June 2022

Wicklow County Council Tidy Towns, Estates and Sustainable Development Awards.

Wicklow County Council announces its annual Tidy Towns, Estates and Sustainable Development Awards.

Wicklow County Council’s Tidy Towns, Estates and Sustainable Development Awards are now open for applications. The awards are an opportunity to recognise the work done across the county to protect our environment, use resources with more care and develop sustainable communities.

The awards are open to a wide range of community sectors including schools, businesses, residents associations, local environmental campaigns as well as the Tidy Town groups. Any group can apply and you can also nominate a local group or project.

The awards originated as the Tidy Towns Main Street and Estates competition and this is still a core part of the awards.  The work of these groups ensures our towns and communities are always presented at their very best while protecting biodiversity and heritage. 

The Sustainable Development Awards recognise the innovative work being done in our communities to deliver on Climate Action and protection of our Biodiversity, including the diverse range of projects and actions delivered whether by local groups, our schools and the business community. Topics covered include waste, energy, biodiversity and water. Groups are also able to nominate a local champion.  Awards are presented in the following categories:

                           Biodiversity, Wildlife and Natural Amenities Award

  •                 Built Environment Award
    • Business Award
    • Climate Change Award
    • Coast Care Award
    • Communal Gardening Award
    • Energy Award
    • Landscaping Award
    • Local Champion
    • Schools Awareness Award
    • Schools Biodiversity Award
    • Schools Climate Change Award
    • Sustainable Food Award
    • Sustainable Tourism/Recreation Award
    • Trees Award
    • Youth Environmental champion Award
    • Waste Minimisation Award
    • Water Conservation Award
    • Water Protection of Resources Award

Cllr Shay Cullen, Cathaoirleach, Wicklow County Council, said: “the work being done at community level by groups, schools and the business community are vitally important in meeting the challenge of Climate Change. Innovative engagement and responses are helping to build resilience at local level. Wicklow County Council wants to recognise this work being done by groups countywide.”

Applications are available from the Environmental Awareness Office by emailing The closing date for all entries is Friday July the 8th except schools which have an extension until Friday the 9th of September. Contact the Environmental Awareness Office for further information.