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Arts Act Funding

Apply for Funding & Support Wicklow County Arts Office Funding Schemes 2022. Closing date is Friday 4th March 2022 at 4.00pm.

Wicklow County Council Arts Office established its Funding Schemes to support artists, festivals, communities, arts participation and artform development. These schemes form part of a wider set of actions initiated or supported by Wicklow County Council directed at supporting quality practice and public participation in the arts in the county.

This year Wicklow County Council Arts Office will be accepting applications under 3 schemes:

  • Artist Award Scheme 2022
  • Artists and Communities Collaboration Award Scheme
  • Arts Festival Award Scheme 

Scheme purpose

The purpose of the Funding Schemes is to support programming and development of Artists and Communities in County Wicklow. It is the intention of these award schemes to fund, in full or in part, a particular aspect of an Artists, Festivals and Communities project, development plan or programme for 2022. 


Application Deadline

Friday 4th March @ 4.00pm

Online Submissions ONLY


How do I apply?

  1. View the criteria and guidelines relating to the category you are applying for in the 'Guidelines and Criteria for 2022 Funding Applications' section below.  You may download and print the Criteria and Guidelines which explains the application questions in greater detail. 
  2. Download one of the budget templates provided below to upload as part of your suppporting documentations with your online application.
  3. All applications are made through *Submittable where you will be able to upload all supporting material along with your application form. 
    *The Submittable platform works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Apply Online 

Click on the 'Apply Here' link below to apply online through Submittable

Apply Here


You will receive and acknowledgement from Submittable once you have made an application? Applicants will be notified of the outcome following the application adjucation process. 

Get help with a funding application. 

In January this year, Wicklow County Council Arts Office made available a series of supports to assist artists and organisations in Wicklow in making their funding applications in 2021. 

These supports included an online webinar for Individual Artists or Artists in Organisations (20th January), one-to-one clinics for Individual Artists applying to the Arts Council’s Bursary Scheme (21st & 22nd January) and an online workshop focusing on the new online process of applying and submitting applications for Wicklow County Arts Office Arts Act Funding 2021 (25th January).

These events have now ended but, we have shared the Online Webinar slides and a selection of Questions and Answers which emerged during these support sessions.


Summary of Support Events

Online Webinar (20th January 2021) – This event has now ended.

This webinar was for INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS or ARTISTS in organisations to assist them in the preparation of funding applications.  At this webinar meeting we shared information about upcoming funding opportunities through the Arts Office and tips on how to apply. We were also joined by Sinead O’Reilly, Head of Local, Place and Public Art at the Arts Council, who gave a brief overview of opportunities for artists in 2021 and highlighted the Council’s particular priorities in the coming year. Arts Consultant Helen Meany provided tips on what makes a good funding application from an assessor’s point of view and musician Dr Eamon Sweeney shared his experience of writing winning applications. 

Individual Clinics (21st & 22nd January 2021) - This event has now ended.

These 45-minute clinics were for INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS applying to the Arts Council's Bursary Scheme, with the deadline of 28th of January 2021.  Artists had the opportunity to review / receive advice on a draft of their applications by Helen Meany and Paul Johnson. 

Online Workshop (25th January 2021) - This event has now ended.

There was also an online workshop which took people through the new process of applying and submitting online for Wicklow County Council Arts Office Funding 2021 for individual artists and community groups or organisations. This workshop focused on clarifying any technical questions applicants had and providing assistance with using the platform Submittable. The session was delivered by Denise McDonagh and Liz Kelly.