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Robert Manson


Each room - items - artefacts - anecdotes - memories are compiled, recorded, re-lived, acted out and seen anew. These stories in their retelling will help capture the original sheen and colour of an old farmhouse - later artists residence. Digitised archive photographs and S8mm film, help set the scene. The stories reflect a group of converging artists in the early eighties.

This is what they've learned. It’s based on their activity and ecology, in particular in painting, which they all still actively pursue to this day. Acquiring a new meaning to this old farm house and the art made therein over the years is visual reflected in this story as is the morality and the philosophy of those living and creating in collective spaces such as this.

As reiterated by the founding members; “this the name on the show".

Funded by Wicklow County Arts Office Strategic Project Awards 2024 supported by the Arts Council.


Artist’s Biography:

Robert Manson (*1985) based in Wicklow & Leipzig. Founder of Ballyrogan Films (2015). Debut feature, LOST IN THE LIVING; (developed through MEDIA funded ENGAGE) had its world premiere at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival in April 2015, where it was presented with the 'Best Director' award. The film was later awarded finishing costs by the Irish Film Board and was picked up by German distribution UCM.ONE. It was released theatrically in the summer of 2018 and on VOD in 2019. HOLY ISLAND; Robert’s second feature was made under the Authored Works strand from the Arts Council of Ireland and had its world premiere at the 66th Cork Film Festival (2021) The film screened at festivals in India, Spain and the US and was released theatrically in Ireland in October 2022. INTO THE GREY (part three in his Lost & Found trilogy) is currently in development. Recently completed experimental Documentary features; AFTERNOON IN JUNE & SUMMER AND WINTER had their world premieres one week apart in October 2023, at Flight / Mostra Internazionale del Cinema, Italy & Ji.hlava IDFF in the Czech Republic.