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West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival


Peter & the Wolf performances

Prokofieff’s much-loved Peter and the Wolf is a musical story that introduces children to the magic of an orchestra through the tale of a clever young boy who, with the help of some animal friends, outwits a very hungry wolf. Wolf stories are common in folk and fairy tales. Shepherd boys who cry wolf; children who innocently trust wolves; wolves in sheep's clothing. Prokofieff himself had a lifelong love of fairy stories, myths and folklore and threw himself into the fantasy world of Peter and the Wolf when he composed it in 1936. Since then, Peter and the Wolf has been recorded over 400 times, with a variety of narrators including Sir David Attenborough, David Bowie and Gavin Friday, and has introduced millions of children to the wonders and joys of classical music.

Thematic music workshops

Children tend to enjoy and get more from performances of music that they are familiar with. That is why we plan to deliver interactive musical workshops at our home venue Russborough for very young children aged 2-4 and for primary-aged school children in the lead up to the performances of Peter and the Wolf during the festival. Led by a workshop delivery expert from the Royal Irish Academy of Music (Sophie Lee), these workshops will also each feature the two professional musicians with extensive experience of working with children and workshop delivery. The interactive performances/workshops will introduce the children to Peter & the Wolf, its history and the ideas behind the use of music and sound to tell the story and represent the various animals and characters. 

Peter and the Wolf illustration workshops

Illustration workshops for children on a Peter and the Wolf theme will be delivered by award-winning illustrator Paula McGloin. Paula’s work is deeply inspired by nature, the animal kingdom and folk tales and is a perfect fit for this project. Paula will deliver 4 workshops to children aged 5-12 on the morning of the orchestral performance at Tramway Theatre. The children will be provided with a range of creative materials and introduced to a variety of illustrative techniques as inspiration to create their own image of the animals and characters featured in Peter and the Wolf. 

Tickets to the workshops will include an option for combined entry to the performance for the participating child and their families. 

Funded by Wicklow County Arts Office Strategic Project Awards 2024 supported by Creative Ireland.


About West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival

The West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival brings the most exciting and passionate artists from Ireland and abroad to beautiful West Wicklow, for the enjoyment of all.

Fiachra Garvey, the festival’s founder and artistic director, grew up as a pianist and farmer in Ballyknockan, West Wicklow, on the glistening Blessington Lakes. Having performed in festivals all over the world, his desire to establish a festival in his native Wicklow was realised in 2017. Since then, the West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival has grown to include a flagship festival each May, and a Winter Weekend of concerts each November.

Russborough House, one of Ireland's most historic and iconic Palladian houses, and St. Mary's Church Blessington, are fitting venues, with their intimate surroundings, fascinating history and long association with music.

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