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Encyclopedia Britannica

Access to Britannica Online, a free research resource that offers articles, videos, photographs, maps, and further reading including eBooks.

Britannica Online Library is a fantastic resource for school projects, homework and more detailed research projects. It provides timely, relevant, and trustworthy information. Divided into three sections for different levels of comprehension, it not only includes articles but depending on your area of interest it may also offer video, photographs, maps, further reading including ebooks on your chosen topic.

Britannica Online Junior

Britannica Library Junior (Age Group: 5 to 10)

Britannica Library Student

Britannica Library Student (Age Group: 10 to 14)

Britannica Library Adult

Britannica Library Adult (Age Group: 14 and Up)


A guide to using Britannica can be downloaded here: Britannica Guide 2020