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Completed Projects


Bray MD

  • Herbert Road Ashton Wood to Pedestrian Bridge

Construction of 400m approx. pedestrian footpath on Herbert Road, Bray in order to connect the end of an existing footpath on Herbert Road to the pedestrian footbridge on the N11. Pedestrians coming from the Bray direction now have uniterrupted pedestrian facilities on the bus stops located on the R-117.

  • Sidmonton Square 

Accessibility improvements to Sidmonton Square to improve the safety of pedestrians.

  • Strand Road Cycle Route

Construction of Bray Seafront Plaza on Strand Road. The scheme provides 70m of pedestrian and cycle facilities linking existing facilities to the north of the plaza with the south. 

  • Powerscourt National School

Pedestrian improvements adjacnet to Powerscourt National School to improve the safety of children and pedestrians.

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Baltinglass MD

  • Red Lane footpath, Blessington

A pedestrian link to Blessington Educate Together National Achool and Blessington village. The road forms part of a looped walk in the Blessington area, with a high volume of walkers using the route throughout the year

  • St. Brigid’s NS, Manor Kilbride

Provision of safer links to the national school which will encourage more walking and cycling.

  • Kilmalum Junction, Blessington

Re-alignment of the L-8364 to allow for the provision of an uncontrolled crossing at the junction and the provision of a controlled crossing point on the R-410 Naas Road.

  • Rathluain, Dunlavin

Provide 62m of footpath linkage along the L-8336 between existing footpaths. It provides improved and safer pedestrian link between the Dunlavin Town and Rathluain Housing Estate. 

  • Dunlavin R-412 footpath improvements

Provision of an improved and safer pedestrian link with 150m footpath including public lighting, drainage and fencing along the R-412 between existing footpaths in the town and Dunlavin Soccer Club.

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Wicklow MD

  • Rathnew to Glenealy

Provision of a new 1.4km footpath on R-752 linking Rathnew to Glenealy.

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Arklow MD

  • Saville’s Cross Junction

Construction of a roundabout and traffic calming on entry, as well as the upgrading of the pedestrian facilities on all arms of the junction.

  • Fernhill to Marian Villas

Construction of a footpath and public lighting linking the two developments of Fernhill and Marian Villas. 

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Baltinglass MD

  • Footpath Improvements Valley Heights, Carnew

This scheme provides 161m of upgraded footpaths (including public lighting) along the L-72274 between Valley Heights Housing Estate and Carnew National School. 

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