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Cycle Bus launched in Greystones

Launch of cycle bus
Wicklow’s First Cycle Bus to start in Greystones

The St. Kevin's Cycle Bus will make its inaugural journey from Eden Gate to St. Kevin’s National School on Rathdown Road in Greystones on Friday morning, April 21st.

The Cycle Bus will start at 8:15am from the Knockroe Roundabout for kids from Eden Gate, Glenheron and Hawkins Wood. From there, it will make its way down Farrankelly Road with stops at Charlesland and Shoreline. The Cycle Bus will then travel up Mill Road, picking up the Burnaby kids before taking the beach route to the harbour. The bus will cross at Spendlove’s and travel up Victoria Road arriving at St. Kevin’s for 8.45am.

The Cycle Bus is a parent-led initiative. It is being started for a variety of reasons:

  1. Help ease the congestion in Greystones village in the mornings.
  2. Help the climate change agenda by taking people out of cars.
  3. Health benefits for all, as active travel wakes up the mind and body.

As Greystones has cycle infrastructure along the majority of the route, the Cycle Bus will only  travel for short periods on the public road. However, giving children and parents the space needed when they are travelling on the road is important and the group are asking the public to be patient and stay a safe distance behind the cycle bus.

For parents wishing to learn more on how they can become involved, contact Paula Galvin on