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Under Construction

Arklow MD

Arklow North Cycle and Pedestrian Scheme

The design of cycle and pedestrian facilities on the R-772 Dublin Road.

The scheme involves construction of a footpath and segregated cycle facilities on the R-772 between the M11 Junction 11. 

Project Status: Project is estimated to be completed by the end of September.

Progress - February 2023

Arklow South Cycle and Pedestrian Scheme 

Provision of 2.8km of segregated cycle track along the R-772 Wexford Road, Arklow between Knockmore Roundabout and M11 Junction 21.

The scheme will also construct 1.4km approx. of pedestrian footpath.

Project Status: Initial works began in January 2023, with the project currently ongoing.

Progress - February 2023

Greystones MD

Kilcoole Road Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements

Provision of 500m of new footpath and 500m of cycle track along the R-761.

Project Status: Construction is ongoing

Progress - March 2023

Bellevue Junction Improvement Works, Delgany

Upgrading of the junction of the R-762 and Bellevue Hill.

The project will improve pedestrian accessibility and safety and enhance village centre aesthetics by widening and landscaping the paved pedestrian areas, upgrading public transport facilities, undergrounding services, and upgrading public lighting. 

Project Status: Works are ongoing.

Progress - May 2023