Bray Town Development Plan 2011 - 2017

The Bray Town Development Plan 2011 - 2017 came into effect on 5th April, 2011 after a two year public consultation process and was adopted by the elected members on the 8th March 2011. The Development Plan consists of a written statement and a set of maps. The written statement sets out the general policy of the Council for the development of the town. The Plan is also accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement. This provides information on the likely environmental impacts of implementing the Plan.

The maps illustrate the land use zoning provisions of the Plan, including those areas the subject of Tree Preservation Orders, the Bray Head Special Amenity Area Order (SAAO), and areas of the town designated under the Gaming and Lotteries Act. A map is also included providing details in respect of the Core Strategy of the Plan.

The Plan seeks to provide for the future well-being of the residents of Bray by setting out a vision and an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the town for a six-year period. It includes specific development objectives as well as detailed standards for the control of development. Furthermore, it takes account of various national and regional strategies and guidelines and reflects consultation with the general public and other interested bodies.

The making of the Plan, any variation thereof, and any material contravention is a function reserved to the elected members of the Council.