Blessington Local Area Plan 2013 - 2019

Stage 2: Draft Local Are Plan & Associated Documents

The preparation of the Draft Blessington Local Area Plan 2012 - 2016 has taken into consideration all submissions received following the publication of the issues booklet and the public consultation held in 2009. While preliminary work and consideration of these submissions was carried out at this time, it was considered premature for the plan to move forward until such time as the National Roads Design Office had significantly progressed and finalised a preferred route option of the N81 upgrade.

The preferred route option has been prepared and is to be finalised in 2012. The above draft plan has been prepared in light of the final route corridor selected and following further consideration of higher order plans, strategies and guidelines and submissions already on file.

Stage 3: Manager's Report on submissions to the Draft Local Area Plan

Stage 4: Amendments made by Council Members to the manager's report on submissions to the Draft Local Area Plan