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Liing Heaney - Our Energetic Planet

Material, model, and colour testing for new VR film (2020) - Film render still

“I believe it is important to investigate the life ancient and natural objects develop within a digital space as this new medium begins to alter perceptions of physicality, authenticity, and time. Especially in the last few months, we have been confronted with both the connections and limitations that digital media can offer, therefore I believe that this will be a timely response.”

Liing Heaney - Our Energetic Planet

Liing Heaney - Our Energetic Planet 

Ling Heaney

1iing Heaney is a visual artist from Bray, Co. Wicklow. Having graduated from NCAD in 2015 with a BA in Fine Art and Visual Culture, 1iing uses CGI, video, and print to explore virtual space as an extension of the geological world and has a particular interest in the future of nature and its interactions with technology.

Through this project, “Our Energetic Planet”, Heaney aims to develop a cohesive new body of artwork that uses 3D computer animation software in immersive, physical, and tangible ways, exploring the wilderness, folklore, and history and its existence in the digital age.

1iing is currently preparing for a solo exhibition at the Mermaid Arts Centre in 2022, and she has been in touch with the Bray venue since October 2020. 1iing has also developed valuable connections in Wicklow through her recent work with the Courthouse Arts Centre and she hopes to nurture these associations over the coming year.