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Housing Rent & Arrears

Useful Forms for Rent Payment Methods & Agreements

Are you in Rent Arrears?

If you are a tenant of Wicklow County Council, you must ensure that your rent does not fall into arrears, as it is a very serious matter that could threaten your tenancy.

If an arrears situation arises, please follow these steps to avoid any further action:-

1.       Continue to pay your weekly rent plus a portion off your arrears, every week.

2.       Immediately contact Wicklow County Council's Customer Services Section or the Rents Section, and advise of your predicament.

3.       A payment plan should be agreed with the Rents Section, ideally through Household Budget or Standing Order.

4.       This payment plan must be adhered to.

5.       All payment plan documentation is available below.

If you have arrears, you must complete a Payment Plan Agreement for Rent and Arrears

Next, you must decide how to pay your rent:-

1. Household Budget:  

If you receive your social welfare payment in the post office, you may be eligible for a rent deduction from your payment.

If you receive your Social Welafer payment in the Post Office, you simply complete a Household Budget form, sign twice where indicated, and send this to the Housing Rents Section. You can also drop your form into your local Council offices.   

The maximum amount that can be taken from your payment is 25%, so if you receive €203 per week, this is €203 divided by 4 = €50.75 per week.

You can download a Household Budget Form, or if you would like a form posted to you, contact us at 0404-20100 or rentreview2019@wicklowcoco.ie  and request that a Rents Payment Pack be sent to you.

2. Bank Standing Order:

Bank Standing order is another option available for payment of rent.You should contact the Housing/Rents Section (0404) 20100 to obtain your account number. This number will be required to be included as a reference to ensure the standing order payments are made against your rent account. 

Please use Standing Order form at bottom of this page. 

If you need help with any of the above, please contact the Rents Section at 0404-20120 or rentreview2019@wicklowcoco.ie 

Other Payment Methods:

Cash Office: in person at the offices of  Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow Town. Also Bray Municipal District Office and Arklow Municipal District Office.

By phone: phone 0404-20100. You will need your laser or credit card details, and rent account number.

Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS):

  • South Leinster MABS - Arklow Office

Arus Lorcain,
Castle Park,
Co. Wicklow

Tel: 0818  07 2390
Fax: 0402 91 298

Email: arklow@mabs.ie  

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

  • South Leinster MABS - Bray Office

2 The Boulevard,
Quinsboro Road,
Co. Wicklow

Tel: 0818  07 2250
Fax: 01 276 0426

Email: bray@mabs.ie

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am-4.30pm

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

for assistance in working out a weekly budget to help you manage your money.

Have your circumstances changed?

If so, you must inform the Council.  To do this, you need to complete a rent form and submit details of your income, including details for all your household members.   You can download a Rent Form.   Or you can ring us at 0404-20100 and request that one be posted to you, or one can be picked one up at any of our Council offices. All signed and completed forms must be sent to the Housing Rents Section.

All forms should be returned to your local Housing Office at the following locations:-

  • County Building, Station Road, Wicklow Town
  • Bray Municipal District, Civic Offices, Main Street, Bray

Phone            0404-20100 (Wicklow) / 01-2744900 (Bray)

Email:            rentreview2019@wicklowcoco.ie 

Housing Rents Scheme 2018 as amended

  1. Household Budget Form

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  3. Wicklow County Council Rental Agreement Form

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