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Shillelagh Workhouse Records

Our collection of Shillelagh workhouse registers is now available as a digitised resource:

Shillelagh Workhouse

Digitised Workhouse Records

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  • The admission and discharge registers of the Shillelagh Union workhouse date from 1842, just before famine times. These are perhaps our most poignant records, illustrating the suffering of the poor in the lists of names of those admitted to this institution.  Some of the headings under which information was recorded include:

    Number & Name of pauper
    Single/Married/Widow/er/Child of
    Disabled and nature of disability
    Observations on condition upon admission
    Date admitted or when born in the workhouse
    Date of death or discharge

  • Research note: The registers are arranged chronologically with an alphabetical index of names at the start of each book.  Some of the larger books have been split into smaller files.  Sadly, there are gaps in the records from 1867 to 1896 and from 1910 to 1917 due to a missing volumes.