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Artist Connect/Outpost Studio Salons

Creative Salon - Creating a cultural future for us all. 

Join us for an evening of cross pollination at Outpost Studios hybrid salon/ reading group. These evenings have run for over three years gathering artists together to discuss ideas, work and practice with the aim of creating connections amongst as broad a range of artists as possible. Bringing as many people with a stake in the arts in Wicklow into one room to talk.

The evening will start with a presentation by Eleanor Philips and Emma Finucane. Following their month long research residency at Mermaid with The Bureau for Creative Communities they will report on the cultural and artistic health of Bray. What is the diagnosis and is there a remedy? Inclusion, extraction, dissecting the creative climate - could there be a literary cure?

There is an accompanying text for the evening in order to spark / initiate discussions and everyone is invited to bring articles, artwork, opinions and enthusiasm, (not necessarily in that order), for what will be an evening of entertaining debate and cultural intervention.(email if you would like the accompanying text in advance)

All artists, creatives and disciplines welcome. No previous knowledge necessary, all discussion welcome.

Outpost was founded in 2014 by artists Joanne Boyle, Raine Hozier Byrne, Rachel Fallon, Emma Finucane, Laura Kelly, Joanna Kidney, Eleanor Phillips and Ann Marie Webb.