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2020 Town and Village Renewal Scheme



2021 Town and Village Renewal Scheme

The Town and Village Renewal Scheme supports small to medium capital projects which enhance the environment of town or village centres. Grant funding for projects will range from €20,000 to €500,000. The 2021 Scheme will place particular emphasis on projects supporting remote working and enhancing town centre living as outlined in “Our Rural Future – Ireland’s Rural Development Policy 2021-2025.” The Town and Village Scheme will support these objectives and will encourage more people to return confidently to town and village centres to work, shop and socialise. 

Grant Levels 

For the 2021 Scheme, the minimum grant which is available is €20,000. The maximum level of grant funding available is being raised to €500,000 in respect of one application from each Local Authority. A maximum of €250,000 will apply in respect of 2 applications and €100,000 in respect of 4 applications. 

The increase is being made to align the scheme with the type of projects and level of ambition identified in “Our Rural Future”. A limited number of these larger scale projects will be supported this year. It is envisaged such projects will generate significant positive impacts. It is expected that the number of larger scale projects which will be supported will increase out to 2025. 

Project Development Measure: 

A new Project Development Measure (up to €50,000) is being introduced this year. This Measure is being introduced on a trial basis in response to requests from Local Authorities for such an intervention. The new Project Development Measure is similar in nature to Category 2 projects under the Rural Regeneration and Development Fund (RRDF). The purpose of this Measure is to assist Local Authorities to contribute to a pipeline of significant, well developed projects which might be subsequently progressed to construction stage, subject to the availability of further funding. It is proposed that applications would involve: Development costs for one strategic large scale project that may be subsequently progressed with funding from the Town & Village Renewal Scheme e.g. detailed design, preparation for the planning and/or procurement, appropriate assessment etc. 


The 2021 scheme will be targeted at two categories of Towns/Villages as follows: 

Category 1: Towns and villages with a population of up to 5,000 people. 

Category 2: Towns with a population of 5,001 to 10,000 people. 

Larger towns with a population of up to 15,000 people may be eligible where the application is of a high quality and outlines a strong need for the investment, good value for money and positive outcomes that will have a substantial impact on the town. The inclusion of these towns is being introduced on a trial basis in 2021 and will be reviewed thereafter. The primary focus of the scheme will be on villages and towns with a population of up to 5,000 (Category 1). These towns/villages will receive at least 60% of funding available.