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Men’s and Women's Sheds fund

 Under this part of the Community Enhancement Programme, grants will be provided to Sheds towards small scale capital costs.  The scheme does not provide funding for operating costs (e.g. the employment of staff, electricity costs, heating costs, etc.).

 Men’s Sheds are eligible if they are registered with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association.

There is no equivalent national affiliation for Women’s Sheds, which causes difficulty in defining them.  The following will be considered when deciding whether a group that applies is a ‘Women’s Shed’ and is eligible for funding. 

·      If they are affiliated with another parent association (which means they are not really a Shed), then they should not be eligible for this fund.

·       There must be an appropriate organisational structure to the Shed.

·   TThe number of number of members of the group should be considered. If there are very few members then this should be considered along with their level of activity when deciding on eligibility.

·     The group should demonstrate that their ethos consistent with the ethos of the Men’s Shed movement.   Information on this is available on: