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Community Enhancement Programme

Community Support Fund under the Community Enhancement Programme

Community Support Fund 2022 under the Community Enhancement Programme 2022

The Department of Rural and Community Development funds the Community Support Fund (CSF) which provides funding to support community groups across Ireland.  It is administered by Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) in each Local Authority area.  

Applications should relate to one or more key priority areas identified in their LCDC’s Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) in order to be eligible for consideration. 

What does it fund?

The Community Support Fund will support groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas with their non-pay running costs for example energy costs/bills (electricity costs, refuse charges, heating charges) or other non-pay operating costs for example rental/lease costs, insurance bills. Groups will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities, purchase equipment for example tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment etc. 

There are two parts to this funding scheme:

1.    Grants up to a maximum of €1,000 for small grassroots community projects that address disadvantage and fulfil the objectives of the LECP.

 2.    Larger grants greater than €1,000 for projects that can clearly demonstrate that they address disadvantage and fulfil the objectives of the LECP.

 How to Apply? 

Applications for this funding closed on 31st March 2023.