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Local Election Posters

Election Posters – Frequently Asked Questions

How many days before an election can candidates erect posters?

Posters are only allowed to be erected for a certain specified time period before an election. This time period is either (a) 30 days before the poll date or (b) from the date the polling day order (or equivalent) for the election has been completed, whichever provides the shorter period of time.

How come some candidates have posters up on billboards outside of what is outlined above?

This is commercial advertising, not election postering – any person may buy this advertising space at any time of the year to advertise their product / service. There are planning regulations relevant to this type of advertising space so check with your local authority planning section.

Can candidates put posters up in road-side fields / their campaign office window?

Owners, occupiers and persons in charge of property can exhibit election posters on their property, subject to planning regulations. If a candidate is exhibiting posters on someone else’s property, they must be authorised in advance to do so in writing by the owner, occupier or person in charge.

Do posters require planning permission?

Posters are not subject to planning permission if they are within the planning guidelines.  

Can candidates put public meeting posters up?

Public meeting posters can be exhibited for up to 30 days before the date of the meeting and must be taken down within 7 days of the meeting specified on the poster taking place. The poster must contain the name and address of the person promoting the meeting.

What about candidates parking vehicles with election slogans printed on the side in free parking spots?

This is not an offence under the Litter Pollution Acts; however, section 19 does make it an offence to place adverts (e.g. flyers) on mechanically propelled vehicles unless they are secured by mechanical means. This, therefore, prohibits the placement of flyers under wiper blades, etc.

Has there been a change to the number of days candidates have to remove posters?

All election posters plus cable ties must be removed within 7 days of the latest date of the poll. These timeframes must be adhered to as failure to do so will result in Litter Fines being issued for each and every poster. 

Other General Considerations:

The Road Traffic Acts contain requirements in relation to maintaining clear lines of sight for road users which may impact on where posters can be placed, e.g. not at traffic junctions or on roundabouts where they may cause road safety risks  You are requested to consider the following when erecting Election Posters or Posters relating to a Public Meeting:-

  • The major traffic routes – avoidance of drivers being distracted by signage.
  • Junctions and Roundabouts – avoidance of drivers being distracted by signage and visibility of oncoming traffic.
  • Footpaths – where all pedestrians, with or without prams/buggies may have difficulty negotiating obstructions.

Section 20 of the Litter Pollution Acts gives Local Authorities powers to serve notices on occupiers of property in or visible from a public place to remove advertisements if it appears to the local authority that it is in the interests of amenity or of the environment of an area that any advertisement exhibited thereon should be removed – see Section 20 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 for further details.

Please be advised that the above requirements with regard to the erection of Posters are not exhaustive.  If you need any further information, please contact the Waste Management Section at 0404 20127 or check with the relevant legislation.

The responsibility for enforcement of the Litter Pollution Acts, 1997 lies with the Local Authority.  Any Election Posters in place before or after the stipulated timeframe are deemed to be in breach of the legislation and are subject to an On-The-Spot Fine in the sum of €150.00.  Local Authorities are also responsible for the removal of Posters which constitute a hazard to either pedestrians or road users.

Wicklow County Council would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.