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Water Conservation

water conservationWater Conservation can help to protect availability of water resources during periods of prolonged dry weather. Conserving water also reduces the emission generated in treating water, delivering it to our homes and collecting it for treatment.

Water is a key resource we use in our daily lives. Throughout the day we consume water in many different activities. On average each of uses 125 litres of water directly per day. Most of this water goes down the  drain requiring  further treatment.

Globally, water availability is a key concern with many regions experiencing a deficit in water available that is likely to become worse through Climate Change. In Ireland, water resources can appear abundant and shortages are not common. However, supplies in the Greater Dublin Region are now being used to almost their full capacity. Rivers in County Wicklow used to supply water, including the Liffey and the Vartry, have reached their maximum capacity for contributing to supply.

Climate Change is altering our seasonal weather and associated rainfall patterns with predictions of wetter winters and dryer summers. As a result peak demand is likely to  meet the obstacle of limited supply. Water use restrictions will be increasingly likely in summer.

We also need to consider the consumption of energy used in treatment works, sewage works and pumping the water to and from our homes and businesses. Energy is the biggest cost in water supply. Reducing water consumption is a good Climate Action to mitigate carbon emissions. Water conservation reduces energy consumption while also preserving water resources in our natural environment.

The first step to water conservation either at home or in business is finding and fixing leaks as they contribute most to unnecessary water loss. Then focus should shift to the biggest consumers including toilets, baths, hoses and washing equipment. Savings once made on a daily basis quickly add up.

Check out Irish Water’s website here  for more details on water conservation and to find out about some of the water saving technologies we can use either at home or in work.