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Resource Management

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Sustainable resource consumption needs to be at the heart of Climate Action. We need to use our resources in a manner that doesn’t deplete them and that keeps them available for future generations. If we can lower our resource demand we can increase resource security and lower pressure on our environment.  Energy consumption is one of our primary resource concerns due to greenhouse gas emissions and is dealt with separately under Energy Management. This section looks at how we interact with other resources consumed and the work of local government in protecting those resources and ensuring that they are used in a sustainable manner.


Local government has long played a role in delivery of water services and today continues to collaborate with Irish Water on delivery of these services. Wicklow County Council plays a vital role in ensuring protection of water resources and monitoring water quality. Wicklow County Council’s role in waste management ensures best practice is achieved by waste management operators and enforcement of legislation to ensure the environment is not damaged through inappropriate waste management.  Wicklow Council recognises that the circular economy is the key pathway to more sustainable use of resources and is working to ensure it becomes central to both economic development and waste management.  

Agriculture accounts for one third of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland. Wicklow County Council recognises the importance of the sector to the rural economy. Wicklow County Council is working to encourage diversification in production of food and better access to local markets for the food sector to help build a more sustainable future for the sector. Reducing food waste is also a key resource efficiency opportunity.

Focusing on resource management delivers on the Sustainable Development Goals while also reducing our climate and environmental impact.