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Town Twinning

News and information on Greystones' Twinning Oath with Holyhead in Wales

Town Twinning

Greystones signed a Twinning Oath with Holyhead in Wales in 2012, based on both towns having similar populations, maritime traditions, and community clubs and activities.

The Mayor of Holyhead, Ms. Adrienne Edwards, together with other members of the Holyhead Town Council and the Holyhead Twinning Committee, travelled to Greystones in November 2022 for the switch on of the Christmas lights.  They were accompanied by Santa Clause in his magnificent Santa House and Sleigh, Mr. Snowman and two elves.  They participated in a wonderful parade through the town and were greeted by many children and their parents/guardians along the route.

To mark 10 years of twinning between Greystones annd Holyhead, there was a gala concert by the Holyhead Male Voice Choir in the Whale Theatre on Saturday 19th November 2022.  This was a tremendous night of entertainment.  The Magee family from Holyhead also played at the concert.  The five young brothers played a lively selection of Irish and Welsh folk songs to entertain the audience.

The choir and singers were accompanied by the Mayor of Holyhead, Councillor Adrienne Edwards, as well as Councillors Alan Williams, Hywell Williams, Richard Parry and the Town Clerk of Holyhead, Mr. Rob Henderson.  Ms. Virginia Crosbie, MP, also accompanied the group.  A number of other officials from the Holyhead Twinning Committee also travelled over for the event.

A number of groups and individuals have visited Greystones from Holyhead and return visits have taken place. Representatives from Holyhead Sea Cadets, Holyhead Round Table, Maritime Museum and Holyhead Hotspurs FC are regular participants in the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Greystones.

Greystones was represented in its twinned town of  Holyhead for St. David’s Day in early March 2019.  Inspired by twinning visits to Greystones for the St. Patrick’s day parade the Holyhead twinning committee have been organising local events to mark St David’s Day which includes a parade of local school children.  It is hoped that students from St. David's Secondary School in Greystones will travel to Holyhead for the St. David's Day celebrations in 2023.

Old friendships are constantly renewed and new friendships made during twinning visits which provide an opportunity to discuss future twinning events in both locations and to build on the many twinning connections between Holyhead and Greystones.

The boat 'Becky IV' was the first boat from Holyhead to sail into the new harbour in Greystones and has been a regular visitor since then. Many personal contacts have been established with visitors from Greystones attending the Old Gaffers Traditional Sailing Festival in Holyhead each August.