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Wicklow Age Friendly Survey

Age Friendly Survey: October – December 2021

   Wicklow County Council in association with Wicklow’s Age Friendly County Alliance and Wicklow’s Older Persons Council is carrying out a survey to consult and hear the views of older people (55 years and over) living in county Wicklow. The information you provide will help to identify and ensure that age friendly activities/services are developed to improve the quality of life for people in the county as we all grow older. We appreciate you taking time to complete our survey, your ideas will be used to shape Wicklow County Council’s Age Friendly Strategy (2022 - 2027). Your insights and contribution will result in the identification of priority areas for action through the new strategy.

What is an Age Friendly Strategy?


This is a strategic plan, developed by the Council in collaboration with older people, agencies, and community stakeholders which addresses a broad range of areas relevant to the quality of life of older people in county Wicklow. The plan will include priority actions under the following broad headings as devised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) 


1.         Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
2.         Transport
3.         Housing
4.         Social Participation
5.         Respect and Social Inclusion
6.         Civic Participation and Employment
7.         Communication and Information
8.         Community Support and Health Services


 Please be assured that all information supplied will be anonymised and will only be used for the purposes of preparing our new Age Friendly Strategy, no individual response will be identifiable.


Thank you for your time and participation.


Richella Wood

Wicklow Age Friendly Programme Manager


  • Wicklow Age Friendly Survey

  • Section 1. Participant Profile (Required)

  • Q.1. Please select the town or village where you live, or the nearest one?

  • Q.2 How far do you live from your nearest town or village in miles or kilometres?

  • Q.3. Please indicate your age bracket.

  • Q.4. What gender are you?

  • Q.5. How Active are you?

  • Q.6. With whom do you currently live?

  • Section 2. Social Participation

  • Q.7. Are you involved with any of the following community/social groups? Please tick all relevant groups.

  • Q.8. Are you an officer/committee member of the group/activity?

  • Q.9. If you are not currently involved with a group, and have an interest in getting involved, what type of group would you be interested in?

  • Q.10. Please tell us about any barriers you may have to getting involved with social/community groups and activities that you are interested in?

  • Section 3. Communication, Information & Technology

  • Q.11. Do you use any of the following? Please select relevant options.

  • Q.12. If you do not use any of the above, tell us why you do not use them?

  • Q.13. Where do you get information and advice from? Please tick relevant options.

  • Q.14. Do you feel you are kept up to date on information on your rights and entitlements?

  • Q.15. What area/s would you like to have more information about? Please tick relevant option/s

  • Section 4. Access to Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

  • Q.16. How would you rate your opportunity to access outdoor spaces and public buildings?

  • Q.17. How could access be improved for you? Please tell us in text area below

  • Section 5. Transport & Mobility

  • Q.18. How often do you drive?

  • Q.19 Are you aware of designated ‘Age Friendly Parking Spaces’ in towns around the county?

  • Q.20. Can you access public transport locally?

  • Q.21. If yes, are the routes and frequency of public transport sufficient for your needs? Please rate.

  • Q. 22 If yes, how often do you use local public transport?

  • Q.23 If there is no local service, would you use local public transport if available?

  • Q.24. If you do not/would not choose to use available local public transport, tell us why?

  • Q.25. Can you access HSE transport for outpatient hospital appointments from your area?

  • Section 6. Housing

  • Q.26 Are you aware of Wicklow County Council’s ‘Housing Adaptation Grant’ for older people to help with mobility around the home?

  • Q.27 Have you applied for the ‘Housing Adaptation Grant?

  • Q.28 If yes, how did you find the process? Please tell us.

  • Q.29. Does any of the following interest you?

  • Section 7. Respect and Social Inclusion

  • Q.30. Do you feel there are opportunities for you to get involved in your local community?

  • Q.31. How often have you experienced discrimination on the grounds of age within the county?

  • Q.32. If yes, can you explain briefly what happened and can you suggest ways to overcome age related discrimination?

  • Section 8. Business and Employment

  • Q.33 How would you rate employment opportunities for older people in county Wicklow?

  • Q.34. How would you rate overall ‘age friendliness’ of local businesses throughout Wicklow?

  • Q.35. Please tell us what would help to improve ‘age friendliness’ within local businesses?

  • Section 9. Community Support, Health Services & Security

  • Q.36. Do you know where to contact, should you need to avail of health services in your area e.g., Home Care Support, Meals on Wheels, Personal Alarm Pendant, Day Care Centre Activities for example?

  • Q.37 Is there a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service in your area?

  • Q.38 If yes, do you avail of the ‘Meals on Wheels’ service?

  • Q.39 Would you avail of a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service if available to you?

  • Q.40 How do you rate your level of safety where you live?

  • Q.41. Do you have a personal ‘Pendant or Wrist Alarm?

  • Q.42 Finally, please tell us what you think are the main issues facing older people in county Wicklow as they emerge from Covid 19 Pandemic?

  • Thank you for your time and participation -- If you have any queries please email: