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Stage 6

Third Chief Executive's Report

The Third Chief Executive's Report on the Proposed Material Amendments to the Wicklow County Development Plan 2022 - 2028 has been prepared under Section 12 (8) of the Planning Act. It was submitted to the Members on the 26th July 2022 for their consideration. It is anticipated that this report will be considered by the Elected Members at a Council meeting in September 2022.


This report should be read alongside the ‘Proposed Amendments’ document/pdf. The report is laid out in 3 sections for ease of legibility and reference as follows:


Section 1          Introduction to the report including guidance for the Elected Representatives in considering the report.

Section 2          Summary of the Proposed Material Amendments and Chief Executive's (CE’s) recommendations. 

Section 3          Summary of submissions on the Proposed Material Amendments, CE’s Assessment and Recommendations


Appendix A      List of persons or bodies who made submissions (76 submissions were received)

Appendix B      Submissions from the Office of the Planning Regulator and other prescribed authorities 

Appendix C      Report on Strategic Environmental Assessment & Appropriate Assessment issues raised in submissions.