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Variation to the County Development Plan 2022 - 2028

Wicklow County Council varied the Wicklow County Development Plan 2022-2028 on 06 November 2023.


Variation No.1 (Rathdrum Town Plan)

Rezone 0.81ha of land at Ballygannon, Rathdrum, from ‘RN – New Residential’ to ‘OS2 – Passive Open Space’ and amend the written text of the Rathdrum Town Plan to reflect the changes consequent from the rezoning.


Proposed Variation No.1 Process

The proposed variation went on display from 06 September 2023 to 03 October 2023, with submissions/observations invited. 9 Submissions were received. 

Chief Executive's Report on submissions received

A Chief Executive's report was prepared on the submissions received. This report has been issued to the Elected Members for their consideration. The proposed variation and the Chief Executive's report is due to be considered at the County Council meeting of the 06 November 2023.