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Marine Notice No. 11 of 2021 - Berths on the Packet Pier at Wicklow Port

Friday 24 September 2021

Marine Notice No. 11 of 2021 - Berths on the Packet Pier at Wicklow Port

Wicklow Harbour, Chart No. 633, 1121, 1411, 1468


To all ship owners, shipmasters, agents, fishing vessels, pleasure craft users, harbour users, seafarers and fishery organisations.


Berths on the Packet Pier at Wicklow Port


Vessels may no longer berth and be left unattended by Skipper or Crew, on the Packet Pier.

Should fishing vessels require to land their catch, collect bait or supplies while the pier is not in use by shipping, they may do so. Bait collected at the Packet Pier must be loaded onto the vessel at the time of delivery and not left on the pier.

In extenuating circumstances, if a vessel needs to berth on the Packet Pier, and be left unattended, the Skipper must first request permission to do so from the Senior Marine Officer or the General Services Supervisor for Wicklow Port.




Paul Ivory,                                                                 Colm Dempsey,

Senior Marine Officer,                                             General Services Supervisor,

Wicklow County Council.                                       Wicklow County Council,

0404 67455                                                               0404 67455

087 0575938                                                             087 2230032        


7th July 2021

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