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Climate Action Policy

European climate law


Wicklow County delivers Climate Action within a framework of policy adopted at local level, national policy and legislation, and EU policy, directives and regulations. This frame work allows us to deliver on targets and creates a pathway to achieving those targets.  At EU level key policies are the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law, the 2030 Climate Target Plan and the EU Strategy on Climate Adaptation. Irish national policy includes the National Climate Action Plan and the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2021. Policy at national level aims to help meet commitments made under the UN Paris agreement in 2015 and to strengthen those commitments in the lead up to the next UN COP meeting in Glasgow 2021.

Wicklow County Council policy commitment include a Climate Adaptation Strategy and Climate Charter both signed by the council in 2019 and will be extended to include a Climate Action Plan which will establish the frame work to achieve targets in the new Climate Action Plan in line with responsibilities assigned under the new Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill.

Wicklow County Council is reviewing all its policy documents and strategies as they come due for renewal to ensure that they assist in prioritising climate action across all functions and operations of the council.

Wicklow County Council has a Climate and Biodiversity Strategic Policy Committee with representatives from elected members, the PPN, Comhairle n’Og, business and agriculture. The SPC plays a key role in developing Climate and Biodiversity policy and reviewing its inclusion in other policies.