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Climate Adaptation

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Climate change impacts are already becoming visible around us and are expected to grow in significance in the coming decades. Our changing climate will pose risks and require changes in how we do things in our lives and changes occurring in our environment. County Wicklow can prepare for change by looking at emerging trends in weather events, looking at their impact and assessing the potential risks that they will pose going forward. Wicklow County Council is planning for these predicted risks through its Climate Adaptation Strategy.  The Strategy was developed in 2019 with imput from across all services of the organisation and the public through a public consultation process.

The Strategy looks at governance, operations and the engagement of citizen participation in climate action at local level. It considers both the risks to our natural environment and the role nature based solutions can play in building resilience.  It considers the full range of weather events that will impact on us including higher rainfall, dry spells, storms and sea level rise.  It considers how some actions and land uses can contribute to both climate mitigation and adaptation.

The climate adaptation strategy was adopted by Wicklow County Council in September 2019.